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A Branded Crazy World

What is your name ? - "I work at Infosys"

Scene happens just outside a regular Kerala style mess (eat-out). Its a usual sight to see men/women along with their hanging dog chains, err sorry company ID tags even though its highly inconvenient to do other tasks when hanging it.

Jencil, another roommate & Myself are standing near a similar guy. For convenience let us call him Mr.X. Hmm.. better to call him Mr.F. B'Coz trends show that Indians like the F Word more than anyone else in this world.

Mr.F is a typical IT worker @ a reputed services company with his only pair of Reebok shoes, 2 weeks old Jeans and T-Shirt with a golden tag (looks golden only to him).

Jencil suddenly takes out his old mobile phone with invisible keypad technology with added zero battery advantage. Starts talking to someone ?? (May be his dead ex-girlfriend)
"How are you, Its been a really long time" (since someone dumped you ?)
"Yeah Yeah." (how di…

Necessary Evil

I have the desire to blog about many things, but I am really busy* !

*I have to
keep thinking/ planning to resume my current project at regular time intervalsbut instead waste time on the internet reading stuffread game/movie reviews that pop up my headcheck torrent sites/blog statistics/feed burner account without any aim countless timescheck the tech/news feeds I have subscribed on my Google reader which are flooded with feeds which suck at least 3 – 4 hours a day if read properly.keep thinking about various things to blog, but never do it as I am busy* (recursive :P)finally start suffering from information overload and be a loser without accomplishing anything useful !

Let aside the above junk, lets come to the title. (I was about to write about something else Phew !)
I typed the term – Necessary Evil when coding my current project done in C++ as a comment line somewhere. (this is my problem, I work only 1% of my actual work time to do only this)

I glanced my mind vision on the words, I…

What others think about you is none of your business !

Yes, I am visualizing how much this sentence is affecting people's lives around me. I got this emailed my batchmate along with a set of other pictures with similar wordings on it titled "Rules for a happy life". I enjoyed everyone of it, I have it in my mobile and look at them often..But people often misunderstand the beauty of this sentence and start annoying people, and put other people in discomfort - Especially when it comes to following culture. You need not worry about others, do things thinking about what other person feels etc. But you need to show respect for others feelings, not annoy them and hurt them.Once in a old students get together where everyone was seated in chairs arranged in a big circle, everyone stood up while talking about their present status in life, except 3 girls who were in a group, and just casually said, Its not very necessary to stand up to themselves. What kinda act is this ? Of course its not a really big deal, BUT most of them including…

Forwarded Frustrations - The Stiffler inside me

This email body was forwarded to me today... This message has contents unsuitable for so called decent people...
=========EMAIL BODY========
Once you send the message, press F6 and you will see what appear .... unbelievable but true ..... <A Stupid spinning globe picture here>
Send this to at least 15 people , and then press F6 ; the name of the person you love will appear... ============================
And this is what I replied to all more than 100 people in that list... Most of them are my juniors cum students (Yes I work as a part time lecturer)

=======MY REPLY TO < 100 PEOPLE========= All of you, people, this is a life time lesson.
Remember the following points
... and read everything down ! You can never generate money for anyone by forwarding a mail or an SMS !No one gives you anything free for forwarding a mail, as mails cannot be tracked to see who all it has been forwarded.Remember everyone is not as job less as you are, and each such junk mail you send will waste …

Ha ! My first tag...

This is the first time, I doing this. Probably its called “tagging” where someone creates a questionnaire and you answer it in your blog.. This tag is by Rat – the only one who has commented in my blog [thanks Rat :)].. doing this after reading the answers by Roshan1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
I’d break down to the core spend a week or two in total despair. Hear “Why do I love you” by west life, “Numb” by Linkin Park and some senti tamil/hindi songs over and over again. Later I’d help myself come out of it, by reading inspirational stuff etc. And thank god for putting me through such a situation and making me stronger. AFA she is concerned, if she comes back to me crying and apologizing, I’d definitely give her another chance and put efforts to nurture the relationship else move on... or Rock On :)2. If you can have a dream come true, what would it be?
Have my own Game/Software Company as the best in the world…
Me – as a cool super hacker!��…

Joke.. made me smile with surprise

An old man lived alone in Idaho. He wanted to spade his potato garden, but it was very hard work. His only son, Bubba, who used to help him, was in prison. The old man wrote a letter to his son and described his predicament.

Dear Bubba:
I am feeling pretty bad because it looks like I won't be able to plant my potato garden this year. I'm just getting too old to be digging up a garden plot. If you were here, all my troubles would be over. I know you would dig the plot for me.
Love, Dad

A few days later, he received a letter from his son.
Dear Dad:
For heaven's sake, Dad, don't dig up that garden. That's where I buried the BODIES.Love, Bubba

At 4 a.m. the next morning, FBI agents and local Police showed up and dug up the entire area without finding any bodies. They apologized to the old man and left.
That same day, the old man received another letter from his son.

Dear Dad:
Go ahead and plant the potatoes now. It's the best …

Cute Kavithaigal

These were forwarded to me.. loved them

What am i thinking now !

I think has to give full feeds too. The contents I think are great. Asylum site for Indian Men. The site definitely has things more than just women. That doesn't mean I don't like posts related to the weaker sex :PAnyway today's Lunch session was cool. At its peak. The conversations that we have in our work place, if exposed to the world will definitely become a greater success than Yugi Sethu's Naiyandi Darbar or Lollu Sabha. Here is a sample..Its a habit for people to repeat exclamatory sentences that we say - Like if I say that I saw Dasavatharam movie 5 times (it is not true). Person hearing it 99% tends to repeat saying - "Ennathu 5 thadavaiya !" (meaning - "What !! 5 times ??). This works in any language. What I would do is just keep an angry face and ask him sarcastically- "Atha thana sonnen.." (Didn't I say that just now, Why are you repeating it kinda question)Seems like Our colleague tried the same thing at Kolkata in hi…

Skin lighteners !!

Wow.. finally a professional article, that supports one of my previous blog post about - Fairness in the Indian societyJust loved these lines....The idea of “glowing fairness” has nothing to do with colonialism, or idealization of European looks, Mr. Villanueva said. “It’s as old as India,” he said, and “deeply rooted in the culture.”Check out the article

My Twisted Mind - 1

I recently saw the orkut spam messages rising in number in the disguise of orkut themes with attractive celebrity pictures etc.All the scrapbooks where the pictures were displayed, shared the single source hosted on some server. Here came my twisted idea.....I would probably spread a similar or exactly same kind of javascript spam to scrap it to all the friends. People would keep using it, I will keep tracking the number of view request per day made for the pics on my server. Once the number becomes huge, I will replace that picture with another one of my choice.

Can be any of my pictures, or some one else I hate with some funny captions, or can be an annoying picture of any kind ;) Hope you got the idea !!Now through out India or Worldwide, people will see a picture of my choice. Can even be used for advertisements and earning ! Yukk Raj.. Never knew you were such a pervert... Saitan Scientist as Rakesh says :)

Life has a few simple rules - By Gerry Wolke

Life has a few simple rules which, if followed, would make this a better world. I do not claim to be a paragon of these virtues but if you are reading this think of it as a reminder of what you already know. Since you are reading this let's make this moment more valuable.Be kind to others. "Love your neighbor as yourself" is a bit difficult for most people who don't even love themselves. Instead, open your heart to love and your mind to understanding. Do not miss an opportunity to help. There but for the grace of God could be you. Most misery in life is self-inflicted by an overarching defense of the ego. Surrender your own importance and love and peace will follow.
Live a life of honor and nobility. Try to live your highest values. Do not defile your body with holes and cheap grafitti. Do not stuff toxins and garbage in your mouth and spew it out at every opportunity. No not lie, deceive, or pretend to be someone you are not. Not everyone is a world class athl…

Cool ya Fool, kya farak hai ?

I remember the days when I was bragging in orkut calling myself
The coolest guy on earthApproaching freezing pointTanda mathlab no more "Cocacola"D' latest definition of Cool... Cool captions huh? I even had a few fans for these captions who directly copied it :) Nambungappa !

and one day Nisha (SP) told me (Donno why, I don't care if its not true..), that she really is jealous about people like me with such attitude - always being cool, not worry about anything, not getting angry etc etc.... Thank you Nisha, Few days later, life made me turn upside down...

Then came a huge episode of Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki in my life (courtesy - Shilia for the name), had a sappy (I hope that means little sad+lot happy) ending and then again I was back again until yesterday.. Phew !

Never will I forget how my Drunk Best friend's words changed my mind and my life !
Haha.. Jus Kiddin... (I wont use lol, coz thats American !)

I punched really really hard on the wall when I lost m…

Did someone change the meaning of success, confidence & beauty ?

After a looong time, today i spent some time in front of the tv. Then came the commercial break. An already fair lady, is about to leave with a hesitant look & she then is given a chota pack of a famous so called 'fair'ness cream & then she smiles, relieved leaves happily.
Next another girl gets an offer letter for some job. but is worried, & mom gives the fair fairness cream & she is happy, and the narrator says its gonna bring success.Mr. Owner of the fairness cream company, who in this bloody earth told you that
fair = beauty, success & confidence ?As a child grows in the society, such visuals are deeply carved in its mind & tends to think the same way. Thus the minds of the whole society is trained to believe that being fair is superior.IS THERE ANYBODY TO JOIN ME FIGHT THIS MODERN RACISM ?

Aalanguil, kooooovum Rayil....

My music taste has been expanding recently.. I had never been very attracted to female voices. But recently i've been havin a crush with Bombay Jayashree, Shreya goshal (oh.. yeh ishq haaye!)Today the subject line song was just superb, though its carnatic, it actually was an added attraction & da movie too was pretty good.I am mostly fan of male solo songs.. but i've started admiring femvoices now..

Too much into Technology

This is hilarious !

First personal mobile blog !

This is my first officially personal blog. I had started one long ago which is now turned to full fledged tech blog -

Later I had to delete all my personal posts. I will be scribbling all my thoughts, ideas, opinions... no specific topics, no targeted reader nothing.. im just gonna blog what eva I like !

Most of the times, i will be posting at night from my mobile... or atleast thats how i have planned... I'm starting this after getting inspired by a personal blog of one of the recent stranger cum friend (I hope so).. Sorry can't link to it.. Don't know what she'll feel !