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Cool ya Fool, kya farak hai ?

I remember the days when I was bragging in orkut calling myself
The coolest guy on earthApproaching freezing pointTanda mathlab no more "Cocacola"D' latest definition of Cool... Cool captions huh? I even had a few fans for these captions who directly copied it :) Nambungappa !

and one day Nisha (SP) told me (Donno why, I don't care if its not true..), that she really is jealous about people like me with such attitude - always being cool, not worry about anything, not getting angry etc etc.... Thank you Nisha, Few days later, life made me turn upside down...

Then came a huge episode of Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki in my life (courtesy - Shilia for the name), had a sappy (I hope that means little sad+lot happy) ending and then again I was back again until yesterday.. Phew !

Never will I forget how my Drunk Best friend's words changed my mind and my life !
Haha.. Jus Kiddin... (I wont use lol, coz thats American !)

I punched really really hard on the wall when I lost m…

Did someone change the meaning of success, confidence & beauty ?

After a looong time, today i spent some time in front of the tv. Then came the commercial break. An already fair lady, is about to leave with a hesitant look & she then is given a chota pack of a famous so called 'fair'ness cream & then she smiles, relieved leaves happily.
Next another girl gets an offer letter for some job. but is worried, & mom gives the fair fairness cream & she is happy, and the narrator says its gonna bring success.Mr. Owner of the fairness cream company, who in this bloody earth told you that
fair = beauty, success & confidence ?As a child grows in the society, such visuals are deeply carved in its mind & tends to think the same way. Thus the minds of the whole society is trained to believe that being fair is superior.IS THERE ANYBODY TO JOIN ME FIGHT THIS MODERN RACISM ?

Aalanguil, kooooovum Rayil....

My music taste has been expanding recently.. I had never been very attracted to female voices. But recently i've been havin a crush with Bombay Jayashree, Shreya goshal (oh.. yeh ishq haaye!)Today the subject line song was just superb, though its carnatic, it actually was an added attraction & da movie too was pretty good.I am mostly fan of male solo songs.. but i've started admiring femvoices now..

Too much into Technology

This is hilarious !

First personal mobile blog !

This is my first officially personal blog. I had started one long ago which is now turned to full fledged tech blog -

Later I had to delete all my personal posts. I will be scribbling all my thoughts, ideas, opinions... no specific topics, no targeted reader nothing.. im just gonna blog what eva I like !

Most of the times, i will be posting at night from my mobile... or atleast thats how i have planned... I'm starting this after getting inspired by a personal blog of one of the recent stranger cum friend (I hope so).. Sorry can't link to it.. Don't know what she'll feel !