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Cool ya Fool, kya farak hai ?

I remember the days when I was bragging in orkut calling myself
  • The coolest guy on earth
  • Approaching freezing point
  • Tanda mathlab no more "Cocacola"
  • D' latest definition of Cool...
Cool captions huh? I even had a few fans for these captions who directly copied it :) Nambungappa !

and one day Nisha (SP) told me (Donno why, I don't care if its not true..), that she really is jealous about people like me with such attitude - always being cool, not worry about anything, not getting angry etc etc.... Thank you Nisha, Few days later, life made me turn upside down...

Then came a huge episode of Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki in my life (courtesy - Shilia for the name), had a sappy (I hope that means little sad+lot happy) ending and then again I was back again until yesterday.. Phew !

Never will I forget how my Drunk Best friend's words changed my mind and my life !
Haha.. Jus Kiddin... (I wont use lol, coz thats American !)

I punched really really hard on the wall when I lost my temper. Ouch its hurting me now !
Raaaj Shanti Raj...


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