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What am i thinking now !

I think has to give full feeds too. The contents I think are great. Asylum site for Indian Men. The site definitely has things more than just women. That doesn't mean I don't like posts related to the weaker sex :PAnyway today's Lunch session was cool. At its peak. The conversations that we have in our work place, if exposed to the world will definitely become a greater success than Yugi Sethu's Naiyandi Darbar or Lollu Sabha. Here is a sample..Its a habit for people to repeat exclamatory sentences that we say - Like if I say that I saw Dasavatharam movie 5 times (it is not true). Person hearing it 99% tends to repeat saying - "Ennathu 5 thadavaiya !" (meaning - "What !! 5 times ??). This works in any language. What I would do is just keep an angry face and ask him sarcastically- "Atha thana sonnen.." (Didn't I say that just now, Why are you repeating it kinda question)Seems like Our colleague tried the same thing at Kolkata in hi…

Skin lighteners !!

Wow.. finally a professional article, that supports one of my previous blog post about - Fairness in the Indian societyJust loved these lines....The idea of “glowing fairness” has nothing to do with colonialism, or idealization of European looks, Mr. Villanueva said. “It’s as old as India,” he said, and “deeply rooted in the culture.”Check out the article

My Twisted Mind - 1

I recently saw the orkut spam messages rising in number in the disguise of orkut themes with attractive celebrity pictures etc.All the scrapbooks where the pictures were displayed, shared the single source hosted on some server. Here came my twisted idea.....I would probably spread a similar or exactly same kind of javascript spam to scrap it to all the friends. People would keep using it, I will keep tracking the number of view request per day made for the pics on my server. Once the number becomes huge, I will replace that picture with another one of my choice.

Can be any of my pictures, or some one else I hate with some funny captions, or can be an annoying picture of any kind ;) Hope you got the idea !!Now through out India or Worldwide, people will see a picture of my choice. Can even be used for advertisements and earning ! Yukk Raj.. Never knew you were such a pervert... Saitan Scientist as Rakesh says :)

Life has a few simple rules - By Gerry Wolke

Life has a few simple rules which, if followed, would make this a better world. I do not claim to be a paragon of these virtues but if you are reading this think of it as a reminder of what you already know. Since you are reading this let's make this moment more valuable.Be kind to others. "Love your neighbor as yourself" is a bit difficult for most people who don't even love themselves. Instead, open your heart to love and your mind to understanding. Do not miss an opportunity to help. There but for the grace of God could be you. Most misery in life is self-inflicted by an overarching defense of the ego. Surrender your own importance and love and peace will follow.
Live a life of honor and nobility. Try to live your highest values. Do not defile your body with holes and cheap grafitti. Do not stuff toxins and garbage in your mouth and spew it out at every opportunity. No not lie, deceive, or pretend to be someone you are not. Not everyone is a world class athl…