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Life has a few simple rules - By Gerry Wolke

Life has a few simple rules which, if followed, would make this a better world. I do not claim to be a paragon of these virtues but if you are reading this think of it as a reminder of what you already know. Since you are reading this let's make this moment more valuable.

  1. Be kind to others. "Love your neighbor as yourself" is a bit difficult for most people who don't even love themselves. Instead, open your heart to love and your mind to understanding. Do not miss an opportunity to help. There but for the grace of God could be you. Most misery in life is self-inflicted by an overarching defense of the ego. Surrender your own importance and love and peace will follow.
  2. Live a life of honor and nobility. Try to live your highest values. Do not defile your body with holes and cheap grafitti. Do not stuff toxins and garbage in your mouth and spew it out at every opportunity. No not lie, deceive, or pretend to be someone you are not. Not everyone is a world class athlete, a genius, a millionaire, or a famous person. You can be a good person and that is more than enough. A simple and unexpected act of kindness or assistance to another is worth more than an award.
  3. Don't take life so seriously. None of us get out of this alive. Enjoy every moment if you can. I believe that we picked our life before it began. The handicapped, the brutalized, the sick and the sad, are spiritual heros who chose a learning experience of courage and intensity. Your real self is shining purity. Remember that and look for the light.
  4. Learn everything you can. Do not settle for anyone else's truth. Stop and question, then keep an open mind. No one has all the truth and probably has little of it anyway. Dogma is killing us all.

I loved these four points. Taken from


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