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My Twisted Mind - 1

I recently saw the orkut spam messages rising in number in the disguise of orkut themes with attractive celebrity pictures etc.

All the scrapbooks where the pictures were displayed, shared the single source hosted on some server. Here came my twisted idea.....

I would probably spread a similar or exactly same kind of javascript spam to scrap it to all the friends. People would keep using it, I will keep tracking the number of view request per day made for the pics on my server. Once the number becomes huge, I will replace that picture with another one of my choice.

Can be any of my pictures, or some one else I hate with some funny captions, or can be an annoying picture of any kind ;) Hope you got the idea !!

Now through out India or Worldwide, people will see a picture of my choice. Can even be used for advertisements and earning ! Yukk Raj.. Never knew you were such a pervert... Saitan Scientist as Rakesh says :)


  1. I LIKE! I LIKE! :D In fact, I love the idea. :) It feels great to find another person who thinks on the same lines as me regarding computers. :D :P

  2. Thanks Anniyan... Im excited too..


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