Monday, September 29, 2008

Forwarded Frustrations - The Stiffler inside me

This email body was forwarded to me today... This message has contents unsuitable for so called decent people...
=========EMAIL BODY========
Once you send the message, press F6 and you will see what appear .... unbelievable but true .....
<A Stupid spinning globe picture here>
Send this to at least 15 people , and then press F6 ; the name of the person you love will appear...
And this is what I replied to all more than 100 people in that list... Most of them are my juniors cum students (Yes I work as a part time lecturer)

=======MY REPLY TO < 100 PEOPLE=========
All of you, people, this is a life time lesson.
Remember the following points
... and read everything down !
  • You can never generate money for anyone by forwarding a mail or an SMS !
  • No one gives you anything free for forwarding a mail, as mails cannot be tracked to see who all it has been forwarded.
  • Remember everyone is not as job less as you are, and each such junk mail you send will waste atleast 30 secs... and if it reaches 100 people, 3000 seconds = 50 mins is just wasted..
  • Please take time to explain this to people and ask them to spread it, as it may demolish such mails from the internet.. and save hours and hours of time..
Here is something, that has really worked... forward this message to all your friends (Do it !!) and after that

Just put your 2 of your fingers in your *** and you can **** yourself !

Cheers ! it really works.. and if you have a question... yes i have tried :-|
P.S. Sorry for being nasty and rude, but if I don't add such entertainment, then the actual message won't reach the audience... (Yes I added this note also)


  1. Nasty, yes but effective enuf... whoa if only i had braind to do this.. all i do is promptly click the delete button once i get these type of mails...

  2. Thats the way to speak to them. And nice thought, they cost you a lot. Time lost is lost for ever..

    An article on Wilipkipedia says it costs an average of $21.58 billion per year in US alone in terms of time lost :(

    Kill the spammers... And spread the word. Good job!

  3. @Rat I believe in RDB's dialogues :P
    @Arun Thanks buddy