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What others think about you is none of your business !

Yes, I am visualizing how much this sentence is affecting people's lives around me. I got this emailed my batchmate along with a set of other pictures with similar wordings on it titled "Rules for a happy life". I enjoyed everyone of it, I have it in my mobile and look at them often..But people often misunderstand the beauty of this sentence and start annoying people, and put other people in discomfort - Especially when it comes to following culture. You need not worry about others, do things thinking about what other person feels etc. But you need to show respect for others feelings, not annoy them and hurt them.Once in a old students get together where everyone was seated in chairs arranged in a big circle, everyone stood up while talking about their present status in life, except 3 girls who were in a group, and just casually said, Its not very necessary to stand up to themselves. What kinda act is this ? Of course its not a really big deal, BUT most of them including…