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What others think about you is none of your business !

Yes, I am visualizing how much this sentence is affecting people's lives around me. I got this emailed my batchmate along with a set of other pictures with similar wordings on it titled "Rules for a happy life". I enjoyed everyone of it, I have it in my mobile and look at them often..

But people often misunderstand the beauty of this sentence and start annoying people, and put other people in discomfort - Especially when it comes to following culture. You need not worry about others, do things thinking about what other person feels etc. But you need to show respect for others feelings, not annoy them and hurt them.

Once in a old students get together where everyone was seated in chairs arranged in a big circle, everyone stood up while talking about their present status in life, except 3 girls who were in a group, and just casually said, Its not very necessary to stand up to themselves. What kinda act is this ? Of course its not a really big deal, BUT most of them including me were annoyed at this act. WHY ? Because it was like telling the rest of us were fools and need not be respected. Everyone went about saying - "They were just too arrogant, show offs etc" Of course olden days revolutionary scientists denied the common beliefs of most people and changed the world. But don't you think there is a difference in it. They did it because it was going to benefit humanity.

Do you think you can change the way a student behaves to a teacher? Think scratching your balls amidst a crowd is okay? Clapping your hands to call your boss? The act of saying "Thank you" after someone does a selfless help? Not saying thank you is not a revolution, its just a plain rude act. There are some things in life that should not be changed, thats beautiful when not changed - CULTURE, and you should be sensible to separate this and that.

I do follow the title, but with extra command line arguments. Remember not annoying others and discomforting others is class. Who doesn't want to be classy ?

There was this subordinate colleague of mine, who had this problem. He did everything worrying about others, was always worried about if others will think he doesn't know things, if he was not educated well, if he was not respected by his manager. I had to let out one day to him, he was close to me called me his elder brother though I am like 3 years younger than him. This is exactly the situation where you need to remember the TITLE. Is such a worrying of any benefit to you or anyone ? Truth won't remain hidden always, you don't have to push yourself at such situations. Just remain calm and people will understand.

But remember this is not an excuse for missing an oppurtunity, a golden chance to showcase your talents and making yourself a better person. You can just say I don't care if the world doesn't know if I am good at this or that. I hope that makes sense.

This change can't be brought in just a day. Changing your attitude requires constant practice, remembering about the effects, virtues of a principle. I was once just like him, worried about what people might think about me and I was always in despair when such situations came.

Today I am a different person... atleast I think so :)


  1. Nice post. Even I had misunderstood the meaning of that sentence. But I realized it later on. Not too late of course. :) Nice blog. Adding you to my blogroll. :)

  2. Thanks Pavan. I have set up a blog roll too. I was wondering something was missing.

    I have imported all personal blogs directly from my google reader. You are there too


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