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A Branded Crazy World

What is your name ? - "I work at Infosys"

Scene happens just outside a regular Kerala style mess (eat-out). Its a usual sight to see men/women along with their hanging dog chains, err sorry company ID tags even though its highly inconvenient to do other tasks when hanging it.

Jencil, another roommate & Myself are standing near a similar guy. For convenience let us call him Mr.X. Hmm.. better to call him Mr.F. B'Coz trends show that Indians like the F Word more than anyone else in this world.

Mr.F is a typical IT worker @ a reputed services company with his only pair of Reebok shoes, 2 weeks old Jeans and T-Shirt with a golden tag (looks golden only to him).

Jencil suddenly takes out his old mobile phone with invisible keypad technology with added zero battery advantage. Starts talking to someone ?? (May be his dead ex-girlfriend)
"How are you, Its been a really long time" (since someone dumped you ?)
"Yeah Yeah." (how di…

Necessary Evil

I have the desire to blog about many things, but I am really busy* !

*I have to
keep thinking/ planning to resume my current project at regular time intervalsbut instead waste time on the internet reading stuffread game/movie reviews that pop up my headcheck torrent sites/blog statistics/feed burner account without any aim countless timescheck the tech/news feeds I have subscribed on my Google reader which are flooded with feeds which suck at least 3 – 4 hours a day if read properly.keep thinking about various things to blog, but never do it as I am busy* (recursive :P)finally start suffering from information overload and be a loser without accomplishing anything useful !

Let aside the above junk, lets come to the title. (I was about to write about something else Phew !)
I typed the term – Necessary Evil when coding my current project done in C++ as a comment line somewhere. (this is my problem, I work only 1% of my actual work time to do only this)

I glanced my mind vision on the words, I…