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A Branded Crazy World

What is your name ? - "I work at Infosys"

Scene happens just outside a regular Kerala style mess (eat-out). Its a usual sight to see men/women along with their hanging dog chains, err sorry company ID tags even though its highly inconvenient to do other tasks when hanging it.

Jencil, another roommate & Myself are standing near a similar guy. For convenience let us call him Mr.X. Hmm.. better to call him Mr.F. B'Coz trends show that Indians like the F Word more than anyone else in this world.

Mr.F is a typical IT worker @ a reputed services company with his only pair of Reebok shoes, 2 weeks old Jeans and T-Shirt with a golden tag (looks golden only to him).

Jencil suddenly takes out his old mobile phone with invisible keypad technology with added zero battery advantage. Starts talking to someone ?? (May be his dead ex-girlfriend)
"How are you, Its been a really long time" (since someone dumped you ?)
"Yeah Yeah." (how did he read my mind ?)

"I'm get irritated with these people nowadays" (Who ?)
"They think its something great. Looks like dog tags, even worse than that. Always hanging around the neck. Won't these people even remove it when they s*** in the toilet" (Now I start my Deer Karate process. On your mark...)
"They don't have any common sense yaar. All useless idiots, just showing off" (Get set... But I could not control my laughter, burst out laughing at the same time)
Slowly Mr.F took his ID tag and slips it into his pocket and starts his bike (eh ?? I was about to run away.. never mind no one knew it..)
Both of us have a good laugh together about our feat (It was his feat wasn't it?).

It reminds me of a post on Twisted DNA blog which I read long ago where something similar happens. Someone in your native town asks you where you work. When you reply proudly that you work for Google, he looks at you pathetically and asks you "Why ? Didn't you manage to get a job @ Infosys ?" and just walks away with a look you wear after seeing a sick beggar. So much for working @ Google.

If you see a guy walking out of a company with an old crumpled T-Shirt with no ID tag, watch, glasses, no proper shoes and looks almost close to someone who doesn't have money to shave. He is probably a great programmer who has been the mastermind behind an innovative software which contributes to almost a huge amount of the entire company's profit. On the other hand if you see a guy who walks with well visible features, a show off attitude and of course with his ID tag very visible and swinging, Its definitely someone who is an application support guy whose job is to configure and set up that software and answer phone calls and emails about technical queries.

I am not here to under rate and humiliate support engineers and others, as dealing with people day in and day out is a hard job too. But what I am trying to express is my concern towards the amount of brand hype people use and show off which is nothing more than worthless.

"In today's world, Empty vessels make noise with digital surround sound"

May be some people just forget to remove the tag. Not all of them. and I know whether it is easy to wear the tag hanging or walk around with it inside the pocket. So please don't tell me you feel uncomfortable to keep it in your pocket than hanging it outside. Please note my emphasis in only on the tag and other added things in this post are just junk :P


  1. cool macha ..........................let others too get some points out of it

  2. ha ha... Poor Google employee..
    Happy new year..

  3. @Akilan ... yeah.. a variant of the same situation happened to me.. lol

    Happy New year to you too :)

  4. u poor IT guys... shame on u...

    :-) happy 2009

  5. A good satire indeed...sometimes its amusing to watch these daft stereotypes blurting while you try to resist that whimsical smile of

  6. @T

    Glad you liked it..

    AFA 'daft stereotypes blurting while you try to resist that whimsical smile of yours' (8-0) is concerned

    I had to paste it in Word, then check synonyms using context menu for understanding that :)


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