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Necessary Evil

I have the desire to blog about many things, but I am really busy* !

*I have to
  • keep thinking/ planning to resume my current project at regular time intervals
  • but instead waste time on the internet reading stuff
  • read game/movie reviews that pop up my head
  • check torrent sites/blog statistics/feed burner account without any aim countless times
  • check the tech/news feeds I have subscribed on my Google reader which are flooded with feeds which suck at least 3 – 4 hours a day if read properly.
  • keep thinking about various things to blog, but never do it as I am busy* (recursive :P)
  • finally start suffering from information overload and be a loser without accomplishing anything useful !

Let aside the above junk, lets come to the title. (I was about to write about something else Phew !)
I typed the term – Necessary Evil when coding my current project done in C++ as a comment line somewhere. (this is my problem, I work only 1% of my actual work time to do only this)

I glanced my mind vision on the words, It gave me a lot of thoughts. First one being, if there was no evil, will there be any good? – Definitely Spiderman, will have to start cleaning skyscraper windows for money

I googled to see if anyone has already blogged about it. Someone had written a beautiful article too.. I loved the points he had mentioned. In short – evil existed because of three possible reasons

1. It happened itself (This would make the omnipotent god theory impotent)
2. God created evil (For us to understand the value of good blah blah..)
3. God is both good and evil (I liked this !)

Whenever It comes to a clash between we and they. We always regard ‘we’ as good guys, super heroes etc. We have to remember that the same thought runs through the minds of the opposite party. Okay.. This was also mentioned in that article.

Anyways I have also thought of such things but in more of a geeky sense. In batman we had a device which can show what is running through your mind visually, I seriously wish we had it in real and test it out on George Bush, Bin Laden, My only enemy in life now ‘DoubleM’, of course Myself and finally SRK – anyways he is in the news all the time, so he won’t mind.

I will blog about DoubleM later - I definitely have to. BTW I confirmed the person who stole my PSP. Waiting for the judgement day.. Muhahahaha !

Though I have many interesting things happening in life, I had to write this obsessive self-oriented article.




<Connection interrupted, end of transmission>**

** tht woz copied again from IM conversation with Arun


  1. I got the feeds. Thanks. :)

    It is too dangerous to leave such a device in human hands. ;-)

  2. Good to see that end of transmission tag man, By the way, I wish that your PSP thief read Rajavnaya Live, he will soon start to repend and somehow return it to

    In fact I copied the tag from one of the 90's geek-tech kind of movie, forgot the name ;)

  3. Nice post. Though evil is in no way related to GOD. Just because I feel GOD doesn't exist. I am starting to wonder about something now. WHY IS EVERYONE RELATING THEIR POSTS TO GOD? Anyways, did you check out my post on god?

  4. This thing came in email today man. Any idea?

    1. No idea dude, must be a bug in feedburner


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