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If u smell what the Quakeboy is Cooking...

A post revived from the dreaded "draft" pit by me. Its a long time ago, I saved this empty post with just the title. Everyone who comments will get a Dosa made by me :)

When I think of it now, it amazes me about how much a little new activity can bring a change. I don't remember from when I wanted to be regarded as a good cook. I was proud once during my school days that I was able to make the crispiest Dosa, even slightly better than Amma, once. After I left home after my 10th standard its been almost 6 years since I started cooking again.

It wouldn't have started if it was not for my completely impulse driven friend, classmate and room mate. He just wanted to start cooking, and one day, bought utensils worth 250 for 750 Rs. as usual and came home with victory smile.

Top 10 Melodious and Soulful songs

This is a kind of tag, a very interesting one, as we can explore the world of songs and discover and remember really soothing melodies. Here is where I found it.

There are always two ways to get interesting results from such a situation. One, just give it a rapid fire without thinking. Two, Spend a really lot of time and do a lot of thinking. I am opting for One here. Let me go

My list with no order (I guess I am going to mention multiple languages)

1. Vennilave Vennilave
Movie - Minsara Kanavu.
Music - AR Rahman
Singers - Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam.

2. Nila Nee - (Lucky you songy ! - I am addicted to you right NOW. So :P)
Movie - Pokkisham.
Music - Sabesh Murali
Singers - Vijay Yesudas, Chinmayi (wasn't able to regard it as an all time classic now, especially after seeing the video)

2. Etho Ondru
Movie - Lesa Lesa
Music - Harris Jeyaraj
Singers - Harish Raghavendra, Franko, Srilekha Parthasarathy

3. Anbe Va, En Munbe Va
Movie - Sillunu Oru Kathal
Music - AR Rahman
Singers - Shreya Gosha…

Quakeboy's Evil Scientist Lab Release

Here I am presenting the blog readers (I mean the few of you who are my good friends who I irritate terribly asking to read after posting this and also the amazing few who read it on their own and the poor ones who reach here by google !)...

Lets begin again. I am presenting the blog readers the new column - "Evil Scientist". This is what popped on my head suddenly as I was sitting at office thinking about how to solve an OpenGL surface generator problem..

I composed an SMS in my mobile as written below

"latest magic sms viRus - you cAnnot Just forwArd this Very msg 2 more thAn 3 ppl. If u do, ur phoNe will switch off automaticallY. bt u cAn turn it on again."

and forward it to some people, some were girls (as I believe 90% of the girls in this world are dumb) and a some guys too who are my close friends who would understand my intention and forward it to others :)

Will have to wait and see if this message spreads fast !

Extra hint :- The Caps in the msg mean something :…

If you hate Rajnikanth !

He is 58 years old in real life, yet he has been a 25+ years old in reel life for the last 25 years.His heroines are mostly with their real ages, equivalent to his reel life age.He looks just like the guy next door and not with the killer looks you will fall in love with.He doesn't have/never had muscles like Arnold, Salman or Aamir Khan in Ghajini.He is bald now, and has been for a long time, never combed his hair properly in movies !He doesn't know to dance like Hrithik Roshan, aaaw forget Hrithik. If you have seen the "Desi Girl" song in Dostana movie where Abhishek and John compete for the "Who can be the worst dancer ? contest", Rajnikanth's dance is only slightly better than that. At times he has proved himself to be a sufficiently good dancer too.

He is the highest paid actor in India, 2nd highest paid in Asia after Jackie Chan.
He was born, brought up in Bangalore, but today he is the most powerful guy in Tamil Nadu.
He has a really hug…

Are you reading a book ? - Hahaha !

Do you like to read general books and think it is one of the most useful things you do in life ?
Do you think reading such books are for losers and you are proud to say that you don't have such bad habits ?

I belonged to latter group and later moved to the former after discovering the amazingly cool world of good books. Before that all I read was about Technology, Computers etc. I thought books that don't talk about science, history, geography are just mutated forms of waste materials. Today I love reading good books about general subjects like personality development, efficiency, productivity, relationships and even dating !

Ah.. that's where the clash started - Dating books. There was this amusing dating book written by David De Angelo (excuse spelling errors). It was not just about how to impress girls and get them, but it was about improving your overall personality, moral betterment, avoiding bad relationships so that you don't get wasted and totally ethical …

Funniest greeting card - New year special

I found this card in a near by gift shop and bought it immediately ! Just kept it as a collection... lol. The pics below are of a birthday greeting card. Examine the first picture carefully before viewing the next one.

Little more to scroll..

Happy New year Everybody !

P.S. My friend Suz was the only one who never even smiled after seeing this. On asking him about it, he said he was disappointed as he expected something romantic and he found it 0% amusing. I have no comments about this :D