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Are you reading a book ? - Hahaha !

Do you like to read general books and think it is one of the most useful things you do in life ?
Do you think reading such books are for losers and you are proud to say that you don't have such bad habits ?

I belonged to latter group and later moved to the former after discovering the amazingly cool world of good books. Before that all I read was about Technology, Computers etc. I thought books that don't talk about science, history, geography are just mutated forms of waste materials. Today I love reading good books about general subjects like personality development, efficiency, productivity, relationships and even dating !

Ah.. that's where the clash started - Dating books. There was this amusing dating book written by David De Angelo (excuse spelling errors). It was not just about how to impress girls and get them, but it was about improving your overall personality, moral betterment, avoiding bad relationships so that you don't get wasted and totally ethical ways of the dating process and a lot of self improvement tips. I realized (all) Dating books are not EVIL.

It helped me a lot too. I can tell you its not just that one book, but the combined/filtered knowledge I gained from many personality development books + dating books made me a better person in dealing with people and yes, girls also. Please don't consider this to
actually mean I am a playboy, macho, player, charmer etc. Just that it made me better :)

Ashwin started arguing suddenly as usual - "These things are no fun, if you just read and get them. It has to come just naturally, born within" and started his usual - "I am Ph.D in every subject in this world", "I am all powerful, omnipotent, cloned god" kinda talks.

If you think what he said was fair and you belong to the same crowd which says such things (Dating, handling people, productivity, time management, relationships kinds) have to be inborn, then LISTEN !

"What exactly do you mean by inborn ?".. Would you have known how to eat, play, drink, talk all by yourself ? Would you have known that you have to say sorry when you do mistakes and say thank you when you receive something all by yourself ? Do you think people who argue too much, who are very stubborn etc are like that by birth ?

All of these can be grouped under one word - "behavior". Behavior never comes inborn. It has to be taught, trained, learnt by seeing. So what exactly comes inborn ?

Have you ever trained up yourself to like Rock music ? like your favorite color, food, drink etc ? So that answers - Genes don't hold behavior. They might actually a little influence but its very low. Genes hold your basic traits and that is what decides your tastes, attributes etc.

Handling people in general is all a collection of behaviors you need to learn and use in response to their actions. If you found someone who has done this without reading books, he is NOT a superman. It is just that he has learned it by other means - Hearing, Observing similar incidences, taught by parents, elders etc. When you actually ask them how they do that, they would probably say - "It just comes automatically". Do you remember who exactly taught you how to lie ?

I gave this argument back and turned only to see all his teeth visible. He stood grinning. That actually means "Yes I acknowledge I was an A$$ ole !"


  1. Liked it "Yes I acknowledge I was an A$$ ole !" :D

  2. Reading helps but nothing rocks more than learning by mistakes and dumb actions :D
    Of course, you should taste it before any judgment and there are billions of people to try.

    Though I don't really like to read a book but still I like to read about satire and dark humor.

    "Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education" - Mark Twain

  3. @T yeah.. you are absolutely right.. nothing rocks more than learning my mistakes and what you learn that way will be your best ability. I agree as I have experienced it myself.. BUT

    the number of subjects you can master that way ALONE is far too limited (and you have to make a choice there..) than by learning from other ways..

    "A wise man learns from his mistakes, a wiser one learns from others mistakes"

  4. Hey There,

    Thanks for your comments on my food blog. I made a post earlier last year about how I set up my blog with the new look:


  5. Hello there! It's been a long time since I last visited here. And its good to be back. :)

    Now I cant help but wonder when you told all this was mentioned in a Dating book? :D

  6. @Anniyan great to have you back.. missed your posts sometimes..

    lol.. Yes .. and it was/is the only dating book I ever read.. just found it in a ebook warez site ;)

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