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If you hate Rajnikanth !


  • He is 58 years old in real life, yet he has been a 25+ years old in reel life for the last 25 years.
  • His heroines are mostly with their real ages, equivalent to his reel life age.
  • He looks just like the guy next door and not with the killer looks you will fall in love with.
  • He doesn't have/never had muscles like Arnold, Salman or Aamir Khan in Ghajini.
  • He is bald now, and has been for a long time, never combed his hair properly in movies !
He doesn't know to dance like Hrithik Roshan, aaaw forget Hrithik. If you have seen the "Desi Girl" song in Dostana movie where Abhishek and John compete for the "Who can be the worst dancer ? contest", Rajnikanth's dance is only slightly better than that. At times he has proved himself to be a sufficiently good dancer too.

He is the highest paid actor in India, 2nd highest paid in Asia after Jackie Chan.
He was born, brought up in Bangalore, but today he is the most powerful guy in Tamil Nadu.
He has a really huge number of Japanese fan base for his movies dubbed in Japanese language.
and yet ... e- ha- ha- ha- ha .... I am a fan of Rajnikanth !

A Journalist who bitched about the movie 'Sivaji'

When his last movie, Sivaji was released, I loved that movie. I was soo engrossed in the movie admiring him, his style, dialogues, charisma in many scenes. During that period, Anuradha SenGupta a journalist @ CNN-IBN and blogged about how much the movie "Sivaji" and "Rajnikanth" SUCKED !!. The post has 1800 comments !

Before reading further, please note that, I am not illiterate. I am not FRED FLINTSTONE. I am a game programmer (a professional one now !). I know 5 languages. I watch FRIENDS. I understand the serial too and I love Chandler and Joey. I love Bruce Willis, Adam Sandler and many others, not because they look good or have muscles (like many Indians loved Ghajini Aamir for), but because I love their acting too. I have watched every American Pie and loved Sean Willian Scott. I probably understand science fiction more than Anuradha SenGupta does !
and I love Rajnikanth.... phew !

She is right, but she is narrow minded

She is right. Yes she is. Anyone who sees a recent Rajnikanth movie for the first time in their life will see him as a clown, joker and may be even a retard. They will probably think, the whole clan of Rajnikanth fans are retards too, or may be voodooed by Rajnikanth using Black Magic. Its perfectly normal. I am not going to get angry at them.

She is narrow minded ?? WTF Dude, she is a journalist and she works at CNN-IBN. She must be well educated, sophisticated and classy - I don't wanna reply the Stiffler way*. Let me explain why.

But before that, just remember the olden times, where famous people, who we today regard as great scientists were all considered stupids and lunatics by even the highest regarded people of those times. In fact the whole world would have believed them to be lunatics except for a few who actually understood those scientists. Now, don't start laughing again at me as if I am a lunatic who compares Rajnikanth with great scientists. I just said "remember".

Understanding Rajnikanth as a phenomenon, not just as an actor/person

I can see people who argue comparing Rajnikanth's impossible stunts, actions with Hollywood movies and actors. But that my friend, is wrong. Remember "The Matrix" or the "Spiderman" ? Why are people accepting that worldwide and not Rajnikanth's movies ? There is a basic difference. Matrix, Spiderman are movies based on fictional stories with a strong storyline explaining the concepts. So when Spiderman does something crazy you don't get annoyed, but you enjoy watching it. That is exactly where all the difference lies !

Great.. as if we don't know this ! Then still why do you like Rajnikanth ?

Hmm.. the concept of Rajnikanth is not as easy or simple to understand like a Spiderman or a Neo. It develops over the years in the mind of a person who has seen his movies from the olden days and has been coming up the gradual curve. I have been watching and loving his movies since when I was a child. The message - "Rajnikanth is slightly more than a normal man" can only be slowly taken in by human beings. I am able to enjoy his movies because when he does something beyond what a normal person can do, my mind automatically accepts it.

So, you accept his crap and enjoy it ?

I won't accept the word crap because it is NOT crap. It is not a simple task to develop and maintain such an image in the minds of millions of fans. If anyone could do it, then there would be countless Rajnikanths. He is still the icon of Hardwork and regarded really great as a person. He did not grow to the super hero Demigod status over night or suddenly from one of his movies. He made the people believe that he is something more than a common man only because of his skill, style and his magnetic charisma. Ever seen a not so attractive guy in your life who you could never believe to have so many hot girl friends ? Thats about charisma. You can't understand just by looking or being with it once. It takes time. First you might make fun, but soon once you are in it, you will find yourself gradually admiring and getting attracted.

Sometimes it gets too much. I agree

Yes, sometimes things do gets kind of funny or crazy. Like his "style" song costumes in Sivaji, the naked fight in Padayappa, First Stunt Sequence in Chandramukhi with poor graphics. But who doesn't have mistakes, remember Main Hoon Na Rickshaw fight ? Even Hollywood has bloopers. But that doesn't make them stupid. Look at the positives, they are rich, abundant and a mountain compared to just a handful of bloopers.

Here it ends

So you see Rajnikanth is really a Phenomenon which takes time to understand and enjoy. So Anuradha Sen Gupta, you need to take time. Somethings in life can't be judged immediately.

Appo naan.... Var...ta ??


  1. As you rightly put it , the rajni phenomenon cannot be understood by outsiders , we are all people who have grown with it and now consider ourselves to be integral parts of the same. Irrespective of how old we become or where we are , a Thalaivar movie will be something which drives us wild and brings back lovely memories to us. To others who are outside this circle, this is something they can never comprehend and will never learn to appreciate.

    I know it is a small blogosphere , but I would like to know how you did reach my post so far in the history or for that matter reach my blog. Do we know each other from some place else ?

  2. ummm ok.. its neither here nor there.. i dont know if i hate Rajini but surely i don't Like him..

    hey come on the movie Baba truly sucked...

  3. @Rat

    Hi Rat. Great to see you back...

    so.. one of your favorite actors must be Seetharaman Narayanan, one of creators of Photoshop from Adobe Corporation.

    Because He doesn't have any flop movies at all.. Also he has never acted in movies though :D

    Lol.. its ok Rat. Liking and Disliking is left to individuals to decide, no one can force anything. But I am against only those people who make fun of fans of a star who they don't like !

    But... I do recommend you to start watching some old Rajinikanth movies. There are some truly good stuff which you might like..

    1. hi there brother do u mind giving me ur email id.i want to contact u personally..plss

  4. Like wat ?? man u can nvr convince me.. i abhor movies.. u cant tie me in the same place for 3 hrs...

  5. Ok, I read this post only now. And I am regretting it. :) I am a big fan of Rajnikanth and thought this might be another post by a Rajni-hater. But found out that I shouldn't judge things just by looking at them. :) Awesome post dude. :)

  6. Rajni is a worst actor

  7. Dear Anonymous, I can't but take pity on a fellow who is even afraid to reveal his real name for such a comment

  8. quakeboy ..thanks for the post.this is what i am exactly looking for.what anuradha wrote was pure CRAP.she is not actually "MAKING SENSE".but gone out of sense.longlive rajnikanth.

    p.s:i dont want to wrestle with the pigs in mud and get dirty but one word for them.
    "why the hell do you post such comments need not praise rajni but just keep your mouth shut!!!!!"

  9. anuradha is a jealous cheap bitch and probably she may hate south indian people ! so only she was vomited some shits in the name of article.
    she doesnt know how to respect indian legends. It seems girls like her only love nude fucking hollywood movies and their cocks. what the hell she knows about my super star rajnikanth? he is a gentleman,humble and very simple person with lots of helping mind. Japanese people are more intelligent, brilliant and they are very advance in all fields. they itself big fans of indian super star rajnikanth. mind it anu...

  10. people who say rajni is a worst actor can watch some rajnis classic movies such as " mullum malarum", kaali, bairavi and especially manirathnam;s movie "THALAPATHI" rajnikanth is a great actor and very big mass hero and good human being to respect others even this Anuradha.. we are rajni fans not only becoz his acting and movies...and also for his real charector,humbleness, easy going character without any ego..or jealous ! that's rajnikanth.

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    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. @Quakeboy- Nice post about a nice person. Everyone here speak about his profession. U could have added some more. He s doing what the director and producer wants from him to make their movie run. He did what they wanted. Simply to say, he s working in his profession properly.
    Are we not working as we are instructed to do and for salary? Same thing he does.

    Also Better you leave explaining to people who does not accept. Whatever you say they will search for reasons to tease or scold him. Let them realize, if not think that is their level of maturity :-)

  15. @Quakeboy- U missed a movie, "Aarilirundhu arubadhu varai"- the movie in which he is praised for his acting even now.

  16. I used to ponder what is there in rajnikant dat pple r so crazy about?? bt I wud like to rethink after reading ur post. Thanks :)

  17. just wanted to say nothing but this, rajnikanth may be a superstar but he's not a good actor. He mocks the very foundation of the word cinema and i am not his fan. Or may be he needs a better make up in his upcoming movies.

  18. Contact me on twitter or facebook. Can't give email address in a public page.. would get spammed like crazy!

    1. wat's ur facebook username?i just want to leave u a personal request and message

    2. i can find u neither on facebook nor twitter.i tried ur name but couldn't's quite plsss...:(

    3. has a contact page as well. Sorry for the delayed response.

    4. Pls visit facebook...thank u so much....:)


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