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Quakeboy's Evil Scientist Lab Release

Here I am presenting the blog readers (I mean the few of you who are my good friends who I irritate terribly asking to read after posting this and also the amazing few who read it on their own and the poor ones who reach here by google !)...

Lets begin again. I am presenting the blog readers the new column - "Evil Scientist". This is what popped on my head suddenly as I was sitting at office thinking about how to solve an OpenGL surface generator problem..

I composed an SMS in my mobile as written below

"latest magic sms viRus - you cAnnot Just forwArd this Very msg 2 more thAn 3 ppl. If u do, ur phoNe will switch off automaticallY. bt u cAn turn it on again."

and forward it to some people, some were girls (as I believe 90% of the girls in this world are dumb) and a some guys too who are my close friends who would understand my intention and forward it to others :)

Will have to wait and see if this message spreads fast !

Extra hint :- The Caps in the msg mean something :…