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If u smell what the Quakeboy is Cooking...

A post revived from the dreaded "draft" pit by me. Its a long time ago, I saved this empty post with just the title. Everyone who comments will get a Dosa made by me :)

When I think of it now, it amazes me about how much a little new activity can bring a change. I don't remember from when I wanted to be regarded as a good cook. I was proud once during my school days that I was able to make the crispiest Dosa, even slightly better than Amma, once. After I left home after my 10th standard its been almost 6 years since I started cooking again.

It wouldn't have started if it was not for my completely impulse driven friend, classmate and room mate. He just wanted to start cooking, and one day, bought utensils worth 250 for 750 Rs. as usual and came home with victory smile.