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If u smell what the Quakeboy is Cooking...

A post revived from the dreaded "draft" pit by me. Its a long time ago, I saved this empty post with just the title. Everyone who comments will get a Dosa made by me :)

When I think of it now, it amazes me about how much a little new activity can bring a change. I don't remember from when I wanted to be regarded as a good cook. I was proud once during my school days that I was able to make the crispiest Dosa, even slightly better than Amma, once. After I left home after my 10th standard its been almost 6 years since I started cooking again.

It wouldn't have started if it was not for my completely impulse driven friend, classmate and room mate. He just wanted to start cooking, and one day, bought utensils worth 250 for 750 Rs. as usual and came home with victory smile.
I still remember the time, I, proudly wanting to impress everyone with my Dosa skills, made them almost say 'your Dosa kills'. I think my Dosas could have made excellent candidates for being used in Rorschach Ink blot tests. But not for long, by the time I made my 7 or 8th one, I once again regained control and became The Dosa Man !

Another thing, I remember is how much I used to bug my mother for recipes particularly after we started using the Pressure Cooker.
I would call my Mom. She would ask what happened ? I would reply "Cooker whistled".
I would call my Mom again. She would ask what happened ? I'd say "Whistle Stopped".
I would call my Mom yet another time. She would ask what happened ? I'd grin and say "No Whistle yet".

Now I belong to a South Indian family where we don't enact even 0.001% of Karan Johar movies' sentiment scenes during our lives. The love just is understood between us. I used to come home with bleeding legs due to small accidents at play and expect to receive all the attention from my Mom, only because my friend's mom reacted that way when it happened to him. But she would say "go in wash and apply some ointment". If I said I am not eating tonight due to some problem, or if I was angry, she would say "Oh, thank god, I can sleep early" with a big smile so as to irritate me and I would have to sneak into the kitchen after everyone slept. Later in life I realized she did that to not spoil me and was thankful and loved her more for it.

Now coming back to bugging my Mom over the mobile for cooking directions. I felt and knew that I was really bothering her a lot. But once as we were talking, she just paused and said "You should cook everyday". I am sure there was almost no pause before the next conversation rolled it. But how ever small it was, during that time, I am sure we both experienced the same effect and BG music, which was played in K3G when Shahrukh sets foot anywhere near his mother... Its same as the words, that JD wishes to hear from Cox always but almost never gets to. On your face JD !

Though its late in the day. Happy Birthday to the best Mom in the world :)


  1. lovely post..good flow of thoughts..:)

  2. Oh my god....
    makes me remember the day i used to pressure cooker first.

    Hats off man.

  3. @itsme thanks buddy. but I cannot see ur details in your profile.


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