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A Silly 'Flu'sh Back

Day 1:- Swine Flu's fear and fame was at its peak among the people. I was even more worried as the area in which I lived in Bangalore had some reported deaths and a lot of infections. A friend and colleague said I am over reacting and panicking too much. I replied with Tha'lame' fake anguish on my face - "Yeiiii ! Na Thani Aal illa !" (I am not just a single/one person). He replied - "Yes, I heard you eat three people's lunch"

To multiply the horror effect, suddenly many people in office were starting to catch "common cold". So, at times in office, when I am one among 2 or more people, who try to pass through a small space between cubicles, I do "About turn" and take my mobile and start calling Credit card telemarketers to make the move seem natural and escape the situation.

Day 2:- I was sitting at my place heavily concentrating on tasks like pointlessly checking mails continuously and occasionally doing productive work. Then I h…

An unfair world - An unknown hesitation..

It was an unusual day and something did not feel right. As I was locking my house gate, In my thoughts I knew, something is wrong with me today. A few moments later I realized it was because I was leaving home on (right) time to office.  I wore my turtle-shell helmet, which usually I take care of, instead of it taking care of me while driving. A lot of people praised me telling how 'awesome' (disclaimer:- the actual word might slightly differ e.g. good, okay etc.) it looks and how it fits my face and head perfectly except for the silly bike I owned. They always recommended me to buy a Bullet or Harley Davidson type of vehicle due to my huge build over the last 2 years.

As I drove,  I saw a kid of around 8 years driving a small bicycle about 25 meters away from me. A big Innova car was coming in the opposite side in that 'not so big' road and there were Auto-rickshaws parked on the side of the road. The kid trying to get through the small gap between the Auto-rickshaws a…