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Are you your own Doppelganger ?

Sometimes in life, you really believe in something, even though you have absolutely nothing to back it up with. No logical reasons, or no reasons at all about why you believe in it. Sometimes you are right, and you become a local superhero, a film star, a business giant or a highly successful person. But when it goes wrong, you have 2 choices. You could just let it go, probably blame something else for it and forget it. Or you could treasure that moment, that priceless moment, where you realize how stupid you actually were, and finally learn a life lesson, make a note to remember it throughout your life to become 'A Better Person'.

It could be a career path you took, a relationship choice you made or anything that could influence your life a lot. The important thing to realize is that you should always feel happy for it. Whether you win or loose, you should always remember that you had the guts to take that risk, rather than always staying at the safe zone, playing easy like m…

How did she ever get in those clothes ?

This is a very very old post. But it was published only in the blog running in my mindosphere. Many things have changed since those days, me, my thoughts, my outlook on life, culture and relationships. But still, this might be interesting for a few of you. Moreover I was reminded of this incident when I saw my label 'Winning Arguments' on the side bar.

Time was about 6.30 and it was a normal evening in September 2007. Jencil and I were on a stroll. I saw a girl on the road walking in the opposite direction. Boy, she wore a tight dress. So much tight that out of all the odds, the first thought that ran in MY mind on that sight was 'How did she ever get in those clothes ?' She was definitely uncomfortable, but she sure was enjoying all the attention she received from everyone on the road. I am sure no one looked at her face, not at least at the first glance.

"Ithellam konjam overa iruku da" (this is way too much) - I spoke. Jencil immediately turned towards me,…