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Are you your own Doppelganger ?

Sometimes in life, you really believe in something, even though you have absolutely nothing to back it up with. No logical reasons, or no reasons at all about why you believe in it. Sometimes you are right, and you become a local superhero, a film star, a business giant or a highly successful person. But when it goes wrong, you have 2 choices. You could just let it go, probably blame something else for it and forget it. Or you could treasure that moment, that priceless moment, where you realize how stupid you actually were, and finally learn a life lesson, make a note to remember it throughout your life to become 'A Better Person'.

It could be a career path you took, a relationship choice you made or anything that could influence your life a lot. The important thing to realize is that you should always feel happy for it. Whether you win or loose, you should always remember that you had the guts to take that risk, rather than always staying at the safe zone, playing easy like most others do. Quoting one of my favorite dialogues from Scrubs -

“I’ve been thinking a lot lately about taking chances, and how it’s really just about overcoming your fears. Because the truth is, everytime you take a big risk in your life, no matter how it ends up, you’re always glad you took it. ”- John Dorian, Scrubs. (Source)

I used to wonder about things like purpose of life and measure of success. I finally realize there is no answer to those questions. We all are born in different places, to different parents, surrounded by different people, brought up in different ways. I realize its not fair at all to compare people and their lives. So what exactly is the purpose of life ?

In spite of whether you get success or failure due to a risk taken in life, the important thing to realize is that you always win something priceless, something which cannot be acquired by any other means. And that magic element is 'Experience'. It is this experience that make you better, that completely changes you and completes every missing jigsaw piece of the puzzle of life. I'm starting to think that the most happiest people are the ones with the most variety of experiences in life, the ones who were able to take risks, enjoy its success, withstand the failures caused by it and persevere by taking more of them.

Once a great man told me, you need to experience pain to appreciate pleasure. Unless you have one, you are not going to appreciate and enjoy the other. So don't worry about risk and failures. Now look back and think about how you were 5 years ago. Do you see radical changes in you, in your outlook about life and people. Have you learnt a lot more, about things that can be learnt only by Experience ? Have you become your own Doppelganger in the few years? If yes, your life rocks, if you don't think so, you will realize it soon. If no, then you better start realizing that you are wasting your life. By staying on the shore, instead of cruising through the storms, missing the excitement and experience.

Post inspired by Ted's dialogue in the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother - Doppelgangers.

P.S. - I know I used to abuse people who use tough words in their blog posts :P. I just don't like it when there is a simpler way to do it. I learn t the word Doppelganger recently. My understanding of the word is 'someone who looks very much like you, but is a completely different person'. Its something more than just a lookalike.

P.P.S. - People who are seeing stars after reading the whole thing, I'm sorry. The point of the post, is that there is no point to run behind success, fame, money etc. instead try to enjoy every aspect of life and to experience the variety of life.


  1. I take it that you have discussed about how taking a risk is always better than sitting uselessly in a safe zone. It reminds me of an analogy that I gave my friend some time ago.

    Friend: Consider a ship. You can't venture out into the unknown ocean without at least a lighthouse.
    Me: Well, a lighthouse can only help you so far as the light reaches. Do you think Columbus built lighthouses all along the way to America?

    I guess the analogy speaks for itself. Life is not worth living without taking risks. However, one must also remember to take CALCULATED RISKS.

  2. The variety, as you point out is the most treasured thing in life. And that variety doesn't come from similarities - it comes from differences. The variety doesn't come by accepting things blindly, it comes from questioning and taking risks. Taking the tougher route is some times better. Even if you don't reach the destination, you become aquianted with skills required to cross a tough route! Nice post...

    Destination Infinity

  3. @DI @Pavan Thank you both :)


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