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How did she ever get in those clothes ?

This is a very very old post. But it was published only in the blog running in my mindosphere. Many things have changed since those days, me, my thoughts, my outlook on life, culture and relationships. But still, this might be interesting for a few of you. Moreover I was reminded of this incident when I saw my label 'Winning Arguments' on the side bar.

Time was about 6.30 and it was a normal evening in September 2007. Jencil and I were on a stroll. I saw a girl on the road walking in the opposite direction. Boy, she wore a tight dress. So much tight that out of all the odds, the first thought that ran in MY mind on that sight was 'How did she ever get in those clothes ?' She was definitely uncomfortable, but she sure was enjoying all the attention she received from everyone on the road. I am sure no one looked at her face, not at least at the first glance.

"Ithellam konjam overa iruku da" (this is way too much) - I spoke. Jencil immediately turned towards me, and said - "Why too much? Its her freedom and choice. When guys build their body by going to gym don't they wear tight clothes to show off and walk around ?" I listened patiently to some more things he added to prove that I'm wrong. Then I said - "Ok Machi, let us say you build your body like Hrithik Roshan, (Sorry Hrithik Roshan wherever you are)... and wear tight clothes on the road. And someone commented a 'little loudly' that you had an attractive body and you heard it. What would you do then ?" Very happily without even thinking he replied - "Definitely I will thank, wave my shoulders and raise my collar". Then I continued - "Ok, let us say you are married and your 'awesome' wife walks with such clothes and someone on the road comments that her body is very sexy a little loudly that you and some more people on the road happen to hear it". "Appavum collar raise pannivittu thanks solluviya machan?" (Even then will you raise your collar and say thanks ?)

I couldn't hear any reply. When I turned around, My friend Jencil was missing for a moment, the person standing in his place was Mr.Jencil - The Toothpaste Ad Model. "Sorry, I acknowledge I was a bl00dy hypocrite" is what I heard even though he didn't speak.

Please don't judge me based on this post. I believe if you support something, that applies to you too.


  1. Men also show off their cars, phones, estates etc. I guess everyone in life has this urge to get approval from others that they are important or attractive! I don't think that's so wrong. But if they hope that just because they are attractive, they would get free meals throughout their lives without slogging, boy they need to think again - Both men and women.

    Destination Infinity


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