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Good Fiction - An attempt

He glanced through the corner gap of his green curtained window at the big 'dot like' red light on top of a distant mobile phone signal tower. What if that was a sniper's laser beam ? He thought to himself and smiled at his own insanity. There were sprinkled pieces of cake littered from a empty packet near the mouse. He held the mouse and did a right click.The speakers played some music with soft beats. His dark face was lit with bright white light from the LCD monitor. There was only text on it.

'Thud !!' a loud bang was heard at the window glass. He thought he saw a quick shadow. Panic clung tightly on to his veins. He slowly rose from his chair. There was no sound except for the music and the fan. He lowered the volume. As he looked down and he froze out of fear at the mysterious black area on the visible area of the window glass. He took a few seconds to regain strength. In normal situations he would usually run out of his room and wake up his flat mates. But …