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What Is Your Earliest Human Memory ?

My earliest memory is when I was a toddler, I was crawling in the kitchen of my grand mother's house towards a hot cooker kept on the floor. I also have faint memories of getting burnt on my thighs on it. I wish I remembered the face of my grand mother. People say she loved me more than anybody in the world. Showered me with attention, Ignoring the whole house and cooking only the food I loved - Kesari with lots of Cashews and Ghee they say, I loved the ones she made. She always had the ingredients ready, they say, in case I dropped in with my mom or dad as a surprise visit. Unfortunately she passed away before I could walk properly.

I grew up watching the neighboring kid and my then classmate getting all the special attention, love and care from his grand mother, who never let him down, even when made mistakes. Probably she wanted to show me that all the marks I scored better than him (in fact all others, yes I used to be the 1st rank kid) and the prizes I won at sc…