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6 ways to respond to people who point out that you are losing hair

The author is not responsible if people remove you from their facebook friends list (or) start hate clubs for you, after following this guide. I have used * symbol all over the article, please imagine your favorite swear word there while reading. Thank you.

I don't know about you, but its one of the most pissing off moments in your life when people point out that you have thin hair. Especially the cursed ones like me, who are blessed to eternally have right amount of thin hair, so that the thinness is visible only when your hair is wet and you are standing under bright sun. Even people who are actually bald will not go through these worst confrontations. Nothing is more irritating than a guy exclaiming amidst a crowd of friends pointing at your hair, and screaming - "Duude ! Everything is visible mann !!". Seriously guys, do you really think, the guy who you are pointing at, doesn't know it. Its his *head dammit.

So coming to the post. Here are some ways to respond to people who point out that you are losing hair.

1. "Thank you.. (Look at the person with gratefulness in your eyes and face and after a pause say) Christopher *Columbus!"

2. Some people have a different way to start this. "Is you father bald?" (Now even though you know exactly why he is asking this, just keep a curious face and ask 'why' was he asking that). "No, its just that you have thin hair, so if your dad is bald, you will go bald too" (Great find Sherlock! With a sarcastic puzzled look) Oh really ?!, then... Your Dad used to be stupid too ?"

3."Thats Ok. At least unlike you, I still have my brain left."

"Looks like you are losing hair"

4. Sometimes even old guys who are almost completely bald will try it on you. To them you could say  - "Yeah.. It should be awesome being you! you don't have anything left to lose"

5.Yeah no worries, its just the autumn season. It'll be back in spring. (Then if he looks at you with a confused look, give a horror stare and ask - "YOURS DOESN'T ?!!", who knows he might even get scared!).

6. Thanks for finding that out man! I had no *idea. Can you give me money so I can buy a * mirror? please?

I would really like to add more to this list. Please contribute in the comments :)


  1. Ohh these are actually good ways to tackle unwanted questions. Girls like me have come across people who wants to know 'when' I'll get married, 'when' I'll have a kid...etc...actually I wonder by the qn 'when' whether they want to know the exact time and date or something... What to say... I should adopt something from this post as well ;)

    1. Try telling them your existing kid is not looking for a father or siblings... that usually confuses them for a sometime and you can escape
      Anyways I wish I knew something better!!! married already but kids never get out of phone calls

  2. ..Or they should say "I have just tried the invisble hair gel.. I loved it so much and now they want me to endorse it"

  3. @Anita Thanks. Don't even get me started on people who keep poking into when we are getting married :P

    @Nithya :)

  4. Atlast u blogged after a long pause.. this blog is asum.. if anybody asks u such pissing questions.. u should ask "do u read blogs? u can read mine.. just my * thoughts"

  5. @Deeps haha.. yes. I wish I got more ideas to blog frequently. Thank you so much. Love the way you have used '*' in the comments :)

    Also I guess your blogger profile is not public so clicking on your name leads to a "Profile Not Available" page.

  6. Haha! Rants always comes handy.

  7. guru. awesome man. wil let you know after trying out one of these.

  8. Haha!! Enjoyed this post!! My friend has similar problems.. I will ask him use some of these..especially the 3rd and 5th.

  9. @Prateek @Shanu @Rajlakshmi Thanks guys.

    @karthick sure! guru :D

    @Purnima Do let me know what were the results :)

  10. Nice post dude... I have a different problem altogether. My hair is graying. :( And people have the most annoying things to say when they want to point it out.

    "Is that CHALK on your hair?" - This is the most irritating one.

    I reply by giving the same expression as the person and saying - "Is that COAL on yours?"

    :D :D

  11. Hilarious....The autumn one was the best response.

  12. Hello Happy 2014 !!!
    How about this ,,,,,,,,You are standing at the bus stop suddenly a friend passes by and signs out Are you waiting for the bus....!!!


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