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My longest bike ride!

Last Tuesday, the day was a bit different from other days. I woke up extremely early in my standards (about 5.30 AM), got ready soon before 6.30, and said to my mom that I am leaving for office and left my house. Except, my office was about 300+ km away, and it took me about 5 hours to reach there.

This wasn't the first ride, this was the return journey from Trichy to Bangalore. But learning from my mistakes which was made during the first ride, I carefully chose some good roads which extremely changed the quality of the drive. Here are a few points I learnt during my first solo maiden voyage..

  • Have at least one checkup for your full vehicle with the mechanic, before starting, or else half way your gear axle might just 'fall off' from your bike, even if it was purchased just a month ago.
  • Read a little bit about the roads you are about to travel. Especially when it is not a national highway.
  • NHAI and their roads are awesome ! (At least from Bangalore to Namakkal)
  • Roads are everything, when you want to enjoy a long bike ride.
  • Weather is everything, when you want to enjoy a long bike ride, so start at 5 - 5.30, not 6 - 6.30.
  • Bike ride will be a really super cool experience till the first 200 km mark. After which you will regret it.
  • Sometimes the most famous roads aren't the best and will be a real exploration to choose them.
  • Read some posts from the xBHP forums and learn from others mistakes. Don't think you are Christopher Columbus of 21st century who is doing it for the first time.
  • Don't forget to pack some energy drinks / Red bull probably (which I would definitely do, if at all I do this again)
  • Again, don't trust Google's auto directions about Indian roads.
This was the departure ride map. Last 100 kms after Namakkal was terrible, thanks to blind murderous sand lorry drivers who treat the road like a one way filling both the lanes pushing you to the muddy sides of the road.

View Larger Map

And this was the return journey. The village roads below Kolli hills were awesome for a early morning drive. Drive was great till Dharmapuri-Krishnagiri except for the hot weather. Still might have been awesome if it was a

View Larger Map

Some pics from the return journey.


  1. I never can get roads right.. I have no idea how you guys do it.. esp long roads I've barely been through

    1. Born this way ;)
      Even when I have only few mins to reach some important, I used to go and try new routes risking totally being late.

  2. if the bike in the last pic is yours then trust me, you are not alone on the 'gear axle might just 'fall off' from your bike' problem.
    I have heard this *a lot* from people who own a Karizma ZMR :)
    and y u no blaag often ya? Work'a
    ~ cheers.!

    1. Yes that bike is mine. I thought it was the fault of the guys who did the first service for the bike, that they were just careless.
      I don't blaag often for 2 reasons

      1) Yes, I think I am busy with work, not sure as sometimes even I have no clue what I am doing and for what, but I think I enjoy it.
      2) My life would sound ultra boring to normal people (only geeks might find it interesting :)

      Thanks for the support bro!

  3. Awesome man! My friend @theanand often goes on bike rides like this. I have been behind his bike a couple of times and you are right, after 200 kms your a$$ starts to fall off :D


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