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How I know Vodafone India is selling your numbers to Telemarketers!

My phone speakers stopped working a little while ago. So when the phone is not with me, which is, most of the time, I have the habit of calling people back after I see the missed calls. So I called up this unknown number today who had tried to call me earlier. "Good Morrrrningg Doctor Raahaevoswangyaaa" (that's how he pronounced it), the guy said on the other line. Ok, I know! the 'Doctor' part right? I will explain soon below. My brain quickly figured out two possible callers - either its an old friend or its someone from Vodafone customer service calling me.

I thought it was an old friend first, because the way the guy wished me 'good morning' was the rough equivalent of a class of seventy five 5th standard students wishing the class teacher 'good morning' in the first hour of Monday morning. Except, there was no chorus and just one voice tone which was very close to Akshay Kumar's, in one of his 'decade old' movies with that annoying laugh.

"I yam R K Kumar calling from Club Mahindra", he said, and right there I confirmed, Vodafone India is responsible for this. How dare they sell my number off to random telemarketers without even asking me! If only this was America I would have sued them and they would be paying for my wheat bread-omelettes for the next 10 years. But then we are in India, we don't 'do' anything about our problems. We watch the news and post on Facebook about how this country is going to the dogs or rapists, make hints in blog posts like this, have heated serious discussions with friends while gulping a Budweiser over the weekend about how our politicians owe us this perfect country, esp. with all of us keeping it so clean, never trying to evade our taxes, not at all bribing the traffic cop etc.
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So how did I figure out it was Vodafone India? Let me explain.

I was logged into Vodafone online portal a long time ago and in the profile section I saw that they allowed me to edit my title/salutation. There were 4 options - Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr. and I picked the last option. So when ever I am running late on paying my mobile bills, the customer service lady calls up and addresses me as Dr. Raahaevoswangyaaa, and I tell her angrily that I am in the middle of a surgery and will pay it tomorrow.
(You can put your #Thoos and #HakThoos in the comments below)

And God forbid, if the title/salutations box was an open text box and not a drop-down list, I might have just entered "Emperor", "Your highness", "Lord" etc.

And Kids... that is how I know Vodafone India has sold my mobile number to telemarketers! Case closed.


  1. I might have just entered "Emperor", "Your highness", "Lord" etc.

    That was EPIC!

    1. I think I actually did that once in my previous company's IT ticket support system.
      That registration page had a text box for the field 'title/salutations' }:-)

  2. Had u entered 'Emperor' the Club Mahindra guy would have called you 'Your Majesty,The King' ! :D:D

    1. I might have just bought one of club mahindra's plan then :D

  3. A few years back a friend of mine had this ingenious idea of a software to automatically apply value addition packs to participating users. He needed actual call data from at least 50 callers to test this out. So he approached a leading service provider and asked if he can have the call data from 50 subscribers if he gets a No-Objection letter from 50 of their users. Guess what happened? The service provider gave out actual call data (I am not sure if the call recording was shared, probably not) without any further requests. That is the state of this country. Am not surprised.

    If your number is on DND, you can actually file a complaint and sue them. But no one does that around here. Little guys are not aware of their power. *big sigh*

    1. Lol, c'mon it can't be that easy!
      I thought you need to be police or CBI to get such details :(

      The DND status says I have been registered since 18-10-2011, I have filed a complaint to DND @ 1909. In turn I received a "we have received your complaint" ack from Vodafone guys. This is great, because the complaint is routed to the criminals themselves.

      If I get even INR 1000 compensation for every call I have received since then, I can take my long waiting trip to Europe.

  4. I am soooo sharing this !! Brilliantly done man.

    1. Haha thanks Doc.. Glad to hear that from an actual Dr :)


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